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Single layer circulating glass vacuum laminating furnace

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First, the use of equipment
The design of the device is suitable for glass deep processing manufacturers, and can produce impact-resistant and anti-destructive safety laminated glass and single-layer reinforced sliding door glass for the process of clamping, wire-drawing, decorative paper, color film and transparent film. Its characteristics are: no need for autoclave, simple operation, low energy consumption, high efficiency, and can be recycled.
Second, the product introduction:
This equipment can produce EVA film laminated glass. Double-station, one vacuum bag on the left and right, recyclable work, and two circulating fans distributed on the top of the furnace, which can evenly distribute the temperature inside the furnace to ensure the quality of the products in each vacuum bag. No need for autoclave, simple operation, high efficiency and energy saving.
The equipment is divided into: furnace body, circulation fan, cooling fan, vacuum pump, guide rail and lifting part. The working principle is that the EVA film is completely fused under the condition that the glass is heated while being heated, thereby achieving the effect of laminating. A variety of decorative materials such as silk, Juan, and paper can be sandwiched between the glass and the film. Products are widely used in construction, decoration, home and other fields.
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