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BSK11.353A multi-stage edge glass straight edge machine

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Feature configuration introduction

BSK11.353A glass straight line edging machine is mainly used for grinding and polishing the bottom edge and edges of flat glass of different sizes and thicknesses. There are 3 grinding wheels in the front chamfer, 3 grinding wheels in the rear chamfer, and 5 grinding wheels on the bottom edge. The main drive of this machine adopts frequency conversion to adjust the speed (the main drive speed can be adjusted electrically directly on the control panel). The rough and fine grinding and polishing of the bottom edge and the rough and fine grinding of the edges and corners are processed at one time, with good polishing brightness, convenient and simple debugging, and easy operation.

Design & Material Advantages:

1. Digital display of glass thickness;
2. The grinding head slide is equipped with a dovetail skateboard as standard and a manual refueling function, which is easy to maintain.
3. The last bottom polishing motor is a 4/2 stage two-speed grinding head motor
4. The four-layer brush is waterproof and easy to replace.
5. Advanced configuration of front beam in and out: exclusive design of straight line supporting plate, easier to replace and maintain.
6. The main drive adjusts the speed for frequency conversion.
7. Front and rear guide rails: high-quality cast iron, not easy to deform.
8. Bed and column: high-quality cast iron, (non-steel plate welded)
9. Dovetail grinding head supporting plate: high-quality cast iron, professional matching processing, no gap, stable working time, no vibration.

Grinding wheel configuration:

1#:Gold drum (bottom edge)


2#:Gold drum (bottom edge)


3#:Resin wheel (bottom edge)


4#:Water pine wheel (bottom edge)


5#:Fine polishing wheel (bottom edge)


6#:Resin wheel (front chamfer)


7#:Water pine wheel (front chamfer)


8#:Fine polishing wheel (front chamfer)


9#:Resin wheel (back chamfer)


10#:Water pine wheel (back chamfer)


11#:Fine polishing wheel (back chamfer)



BSK11.353A main technical parameters:

(1) Dimensions (length× width×height): 7270mm× 1000mm×2600mm
(2) Table height: 760mm
(3) Total weight: 3600kg
(4) Voltage: three-phase four-wire 380V 50Hz
(5) Total power: 26KW
(6) Speed range: 0.6~6m/min stepless adjustable
(7) Processing parameters:
     Maximum grinding amount of bottom edge: 3mm
     Maximum grinding width of edges and corners: 20mm
     Minimum size of processed glass: 80mm×80mm×3mm
     Processed glass thickness: 3~20mm

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