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Glass straight line beveled edge edging machine (11 Spindle))

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Product Introduction

This machine adopts PLC interface control, accurately controls the width, angle and glass thickness of the glass bevel, the degree of automation is high, the difficulty of operation is reduced, the synchronous belt conveying, the front guide rail lifting type, the adjustment method of processing large and small pieces of glass is simple, the short pitch large roller chain transmission pressure plate, the grinding head adopts CDQC or ABB motor, high precision, low energy consumption, strong stability, this machine can grind the multiple combinations of the beveled edge and the beveled edge of the glass, fine grinding and polishing and side grinding are completed at one time, with high processing efficiency and good quality, Stable performance, easy operation and low loss.




2.1.Model 371 is designed for grinding and polishing a bevel edge, with bottom edge and front arris of glass with different size and thickness.

2.2 In-feeding and Out-feeding section convey glasses by timing belt, Its transmission is very stable and smooth. Easy to replace when necessary at low maintenance cost.

2.3 The machine adopts rear beam can be hoist. And it can processes mosaic glasses with perfect and extraordinary. And it is very stable. And this machine can process min. glass size is 25*25mm.

2.4 With single screw mandrel to change the bevel angle.

2.5 And the grinding motors are using ABB motors, except the motors for bottom edger and front arris.

2.6. The rear chain pad with washing machine, make sure the cleanness of Rear chain pad without polishing power, extend the service life and increasing the precision.

2.7 Glass surplus thickness, glass angle and glass thickness adjusted by PLC and touch screen..


Technical paramter:


1.Min .processing glass size: 25*25mm

2.Glass thickness (a) :3mm~19mm

3.Processing speed:0.73~3.65m/min

4.Max. bevel width(Bmax):40mm (the bevel width for mosaic glass is less then 10mm)

5.Surplus thickness(b) ≥1.5mm

6.Weight :5550KG


8.Size :8700*1250*2520mm, Package size is 5600*1225*1620

9.Grinding motor:12pcs

10.The working height for feeding section is 842mm

11.The standard length of in/ out feeding section is about 2345mm 

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