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Post name:

Director of Sales

Working place:
Guangdong-Foshan City-Nanhai District
Affiliate department:
Recruiting number:
Job nature:
Part time
Years of working:
5-10 years
Education background:
Senior high school
Release time:
2018/12/28 16:57
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Post description:
description of job
Company benefits: paid annual leave
Job Type: Sales / Customer Service / Technical Support
Release time: 2018-12-19
Effective date: 2019-01-20
Basic requirements: age is not limited to gender
Work location: Foshan
description of job:
Responsibilities: 1. Responsible for fulfilling the mission objectives (sales, profit, etc.) issued by the company; 2. Responsible for customer service, training, and management; 3. Responsible for planning and management of distribution channels and management of channel order; 4. Regional Large-scale promotion activities; 5. Responsible for departmental team and cultural construction work. Qualifications: 1. Bachelor degree or above, familiar with domestic sales of floor heating channels; 2. Strong planning and execution, communication and coordination, better market analysis and judgment, and in-depth understanding of the floor heating industry; 3, 10 years And related work experience, more than 5 years of sales management experience, especially outstanding people can relax the years.
working address:
Foshan, Guangdong Province