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Glass washing and drying configuration parameters

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Use of machine

The machine according to the different purposes of the user, with rolling brush type, automatic lifting thickness adjustment and a number of functional combination collocation. The machine main transmission system adopts gear transmission, cleaning system with electric adjustment, stable transmission, easy to operate. This machine has the features of stable and reliable, good cleaning effect, easy maintenance and adjustment.. Application of tempered glass washing, LOW-E glass and other washing process.


1, Feeding area adopted with more than 10bar high-pressure pre-wash .

2, Drive Speed Controlled by adjustable frequency,glass thickness adjustable by electricity device. 3, Four Step Water tanks,with water supply switch of parallel connection, water heating device

And fresh water auto supply device.

4, Multistage high-performance air Blade,Stainless Steel&Aluminum Combination Structure,Three Parts Flowing Design.

5, Electricity device adjust glass thickness,and the max adjusting height of inner maintain space can be 350mm.

6, Four Pairs of Up&Down Brushes and Low-E brush design can meet the high-standard washing clean requirement.


Equipment Features


1 section of the structure, from the feeding section, washing air dry section, the material section. Total length 6.3 meters

2, the main part of the force with large 120mm*120mm*5.5mm tube, stable structure, reliable. 3 level three water tank, clean degree is high, water consumption is little.

4, processing parts are made of surface blackening or copper rust, rust,



1, diameter 150 brush three sets of six, with a soft brush to wash LOW-E glass, bristle diameter 0.37mm, soft 0.1mm.

2, the large diameter of the brush shaft is 35mm, ensure that the brush speed of 350 revolutions per minute, do not shake, no broken shaft problem, hit the glass.

3, the replacement is convenient, hard hair cylinder lift, conversion wash LOW_E glass operation is quick, simple.



1, the dry cleaning section of integral lifting, the internal height can reach 350mm, maintenance convenient replacement brush

2, the use of electric and digital display, processing different thickness of the glass online can be adjusted, the thickness of digital visual display.

3, waterproof and anti - rust and anti - rust - proof dust - handling, durable.



1, the transmission of helical teeth, compared to the chain easy broken, the umbrella tooth easy to wear, prone to the glass into the cleaning section, and the glass collision fragile issue, the transmission more stable synchronization, less noise;

2, drive shaft for plating Luo rod, smooth surface, no rust, warranty replacement tooth is convenient and simple. Do not appear after the rust do not play out.

3, the transmission of helical teeth, the annealing process, the tooth part of high frequency processing. High hardness, wear and less, do not jump tooth;

4, the im display.port of Taiwan delta < > inverter speed, simple and convenient, the speed of digital display.

5, cots glue injection, cleaning air dry section of synchronous roller power device, more than 10mm glass cleaning on the transmission roller power is stable synchronous stable. Comparison of yin and yang plastic tooth under the drive of the disadvantages (thick piece of glass on the table without power does not rotate, have demand for Low-E glass surface without scratches.



1, all stainless steel sheet, thickness 1.2mm, rust better, more beautiful appearance;

2, the cleaning section of waterproof ring, waterproof board and so on to ensure that no leakage problem; at the same time, the use of casting bearings, waterproof performance is better, accessories better use, long use of time;



1, the high pressure 15KW air blower, the wind pressure 3-4 MPa, the wind speed 10-12 meter every second, the air dry effect is very good. The wind temperature is 35 minutes after the starting 45 minutes, the speed reaches 9 meters per minute

2, stainless steel wind knife, do not rust, deformation, will not appear long time outlet deformation is not dry.

3, the fan is completely sealed and noise processing, compared to only part of the wind case, the noise effect is better, the noise is low, and the wind temperature is higher 5-10 degrees.

4, air dry next paragraph also use the full seal suction speakers, the wind noise is even more small.




Max glass size :



Min glass size:


Processing :


Working speed:


Height :


Total power:




Dimension :


Air pressure:

0.5-0.8MPa/1500 Lpm





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