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Fully automatic vertical sandblasting machine

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Brief  Introduce

This machine has automatic or manual fuctions,It has three automatic guns and one manul gun.Guns and glass moved by Synchronous belt,can move smoothly.Guns up and down control system put outside the machine,can easy operate and reduce fault rate.The sandblasting speed is 20-30 m ²/h;Dedusting method:Bag dust extractions with Vibration  cylinder.


Technical parameters



M2/H Max.hight M/min Power Weight Dimension
BSK-1600VT 20 1600 8/3.6 3.5 1000 4700*1500*2300
BSK-2000VT 23 2000 8/3.6 3.5 1100 6800*1500*2800
BSK-2500VT 26 2500 8/3.6 3.5 1200 6800*1500*3300

Product Introduction

1. Adopt touch screen operation, PLC control.

2. There are two kinds of functions: automatic and manual.

3. Special material nozzle, long service life.

4. Automatically collect dust, filter the dust on the cloth bag to clean, and adopt the back-blowing method.

5. Two synchronous belts are used for conveying, which is not easy to bring sand to the outside of the machine.

6. Low cost of use and maintenance.


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