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Fully automatic horizontal sandblasting machine

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Products introduction:

This glass sand blasting machine is the latest technology. One time for molding glass sand blasting, well-distributed, automatic sand, automatic dust, which is environmentally friendly products, It is also up 65 production machine, which meter to can be up 72  square hour (compare to vertical one).So it is the best choice for customer who want to invest low and needs high production, sandblasting glass thickness is 3-24mm, also can be processed, marble, stainless, steel

This Horizontal Glass sandblasting machine is highly efficient production line, as long as the glass is putted onconveyor roller car, through the cabinet, will be able to complete the whole blasting process comsoled at one time, no new is new , Completely subverted the traditional manual blasting way The price is only 1/ 10 times, compare to the foreign similar machine, but the same image result is the same as the basic sand process of the paper, as they are the same as the basic sand process.

1.cutting plotter

2. Let the paper paste to the glass or marble.

3. Sandblasting machine against the paper with spray.

4. Tear the paper, and then formed a beautiful pattern.


1. Automatic sand blasting, stepless speed regulation, air compressor-free, energy-saving and environmental protection.

2. The amount of sand output is adjustable, and the processing surface is uniform.

3. Equipped with dust collector, it can reach dust-free environment.


Technical parameters

Model Max.widthMax.width M/H CutterCutter Dust catcher ExhaustExhaust Speed Power WeightWeight DimensionDimension
BSK-1300HZ 1200 30 8 0.35KW 20m/min 0.2-0.8m/min 3.17KW 1500KG 2700*2200*1900
BSK-2000HZ 1900 51 8 0.55KW 25m/min 0.2-0.8m/min 5.9KW 2200KG


BSK-2600HZ 2440 90 8 0.75KW 35m/min 0.1-0.8m/min 7.8KW 2300KG 4210*3500*1850


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