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Automatic Horizontal Glass Drilling Machine

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Product Introduction

Glass drilling machine,drilling holes from up and down both sides of glass.It has double drill bits.Can drill holes fast and safely. Both the bottom and top driller working automatic by foot pedal ,no need to pull  by hand,.This can make the hole drilling good quality.

The machine is easy to use.

Main configuration tables

1. With laser positioning device, foot switch control (easy to operate the large and small glass)

2. The upper drilling can realize manual and automatic switching to meet different operation needs.

3. The inner sliding sleeve is chrome-plated, and the outer sliding sleeve is made of ductile iron, and the precision grinding makes the complete set of structure have long service life and high precision.

4. SKF bearings or NSK bearings are used.

5. Inlet oil pressure buffer.

Technical parameters

Drill depth 1250mm
Maximum processing size 2200*2700mm
Processed glass thickness 3-30mm
Drill hole diameter Φ4-Φ200mm
weight 800kg
power 1.95KW/2.45KW
Floor area (L*W*H) 2380*2200*1700mm


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