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Fully automatic in-panel inflatable insulating glass production line

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Product Overview

Glass load part: Equipped with an automatic film surface identification system, the conveyor belt will automatically stop when the film surface is not placed correctly.

The all body of the washing machine is made of 304 stainless steel. The motor is independently driven and the interior is driven by an integral rubber roller. According to the thickness of the cleaning glass, the distance between the two rubber rollers is automatically adjusted using springs. The air knife is made of all-aluminum alloy. The wind is strong and durable. Durable, 3 sets of 6 high-quality brushes make glass cleaner and brighter. Types of glass that can be processed: white glass, single silver, double silver and triple silver low-e; the cleaning machine is equipped with an automatic backwash device.

The conveyor section has a hollow server beam design, which is safe, accurate and harmless. It adopts high-efficiency dual conveyor sections to make the production smoothly.


The positioning section of the aluminum frame adopts a hollow servo beam design, an integrated high-precision positioning device, and the glue depth can be adjusted freely.


The plate pressing section adopts a high-precision servo system and cooperates with the plate pressing frame after annealing and shaping to ensure the accuracy of plate pressing. When using automatic inflating within the board, it automatically detects the length of the glass and automatically adjusts the area of the inflating section to avoid wasting inert gas and is highly efficient and energy-saving.

According to the different requirements of customers, the production of unequal sheets, equal sheets, and three-glass and two-cavity insulating glass can be achieved.

The standard configuration consists of the following parts:


  1. Upper segment (wear-resistant transfer wheel, anti-marking backrest wheel)
  2. Cleaning and drying section (body made of 304 stainless steel, independent transmission structure, patented aluminum air knife, LOW-E detection).
  3.  transmission sections (hollow servo beam design) double transmission sections.
  4. Aluminum frame positioning section (special design, precise positioning)
  5. External joint piece (suitable for extra large glass, clipped hollow glass)
  6. All-in-one tablet pressing and inflation machine (servo tablet pressing structure, high-strength fixed four-corner positioning design, pressing and inflation)
  7. Transmission section (wear-resistant transmission wheel, anti-marking backrest wheel)


Parameters HP-3360 model





Max glass size can make


The largest inflatable glass that can be processed


Minimum glass size that can be processed

350mm x 500mm

Singe glass thickness can wash

4mm  –40mm

Minimum glass size that can be processed

15mm  – 60mm

Glass shape

Same size rectangular

Best cleaning speed

4 -8m/min

Transmission speed


Maximum glass weight


control method

Touch screen


6  PCS


35kw , 380V (50HZ)


External wiring entrance

      10M2 wire,63A circuit breaker (5 wires)

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