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Glass Linear Rounding Machine (8 Grinding Heads)

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Machine Introduction


The machine is glass 8 motors straight line edging machine,, used for grinding and polishing the bottom edge and edge of flat glass. A special telescopic platen is used to grind glass of different thicknesses. The machine is easy to operate and stable. The front rails can be moved in parallel to adjust the thickness of the glass for easy and precise operation. The chamfering grinding wheel adopts pallet, and there is no vibration during grinding. The main transmission is frequency conversion speed regulation.

The special part is the  input conveyor rack to be vertically  adjustable up and down ,the function is to adjust the grinding amount by rotate the rotation handle ,and the grind amount  digital display.


Technical parameters

Wheels: 8

working speed: 0.6-8.0m/min

Max. arris width: 2.5mm

Min. glass size: 80mm×80mm×3mm

Glass thickness: 3-20mm

Total power: 20.5kw

Total dimension: 6.96x1.0x2.6m

Total weight: 2500kg


Grinding wheel introduction


1#Diamond wheel

150*12*8*8  100#

2#Diamond wheel

150*12*8*8 240#

3#Resin wheel

130*12*15*10 240#

4#Polishing wheel


5#Resin wheel

130*12*15*12 240#

6#Polishing wheel


7#Resin wheel

150*12*15*10 240#

8#Polishing wheel


Wheels can be changed according to edge needed


Product advantage:

  1. Adopt frequency variator as main transmit systemhigh or low speed all smooth and no vibration, low noise.
  2.  Digital display glass thickness.
  3. Adopt manual filling function lubrication system , easy to maintain the skateboards which for support grinding motors.
  4. The last motor for polishing flat bottom glass, adopt double speed system motor.
  5. 4 layer waterproof brush, easy to replace.
  6. Advanced front beam configuration.Exclusive design of straight pallets for easier replacement and maintenance.
  7. Front and rear rails: high quality cast iron, not easily deformed.
  8. Main machine body, supporting pillar, all adopting high quality iron casting.
  9. Dovetail grinding head plate: high quality cast iron, professional processing, no gap, stable and vibration-free during work.
  10. Waterproof brush: high elasticity, high temperature resistant.
  11. The pads and chain are adopted famous brand in China. The front and rear splints are all branded “lobster”, and the chain adopts the “Donghua” brand in Hangzhou.

 ST9325  Configure list






Front and rear platen

Special stretch black film, more durable and wearable

Front:98 pcs

Rear:96 pcs


Rubber pads

special stretchy rubber




good tensile strength

4 set


Waterproof brush

High elasticity and high temperature resistant wire



Motor P2/2.2 KW

For flat bottom glass grind

4 set


Motor High and low speed P4/1.5-2.2KW

The last motor for flat bottom glass grind

1 set


Motor P2/2.2 KW

For glass chamfering grind

2 set


Motor P2/2.2 KW

For glass chamfering grind

2 set


Variator speed control motor P4/2.2 KW

For the whole machine transmission

1 set


Glass thickness drive Motor P4/0.25 KW

For the glass thickness adjustment

1 set


Water pump motor0.25 KW

For water circulation from  water tank

1 set


Control transformer


1 set


Thermal relay


12 pcs


A.C. contactor


12 pcs


On-off button


12 pcs


Water tank


1 pcs


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